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Ubisoft Introduces the Clan System Coming to The Division 2

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A new blog post has been published to provide The Division 2 players with an overview of the new Clan System. This is a new feature for the series and allows up to 50 accounts with four characters each to be part of the clan. Several features are in place that are familiar to longtime gamers including ranks, a clan social space, projects, progression, XP, messaging and customization options.

Players will be able to search for a clan that is well-suited to their needs by providing parameters such as PvE / PvP or both, active times, hardcore or easy-going, voice chat requirements, preferred language or region and more.

All in-game actions taken by members yielding experience points will also yield CXP (Clan XP), which is a new form of experience in The Division 2. Earning CXP will level up your clan, earning you and your friends additional benefits for each level on your Clans journey to level 30, as well as unlocking additional customization options for the insignia, showcasing your clan's veterancy.

Clans will collectively work towards common goals in The Division 2, in the shape of weekly projects and an upgradeable clan cache, both yielding rewards for all members upon completion. The weekly clan cache requires a weekly CXP goal to be reached with additional stretch goals. There are 3 tiers of reward - bronze, silver and gold. Reaching the bronze tier will unlock guaranteed rewards, while reaching the silver and gold tiers will further improve the week's rewards each time.

Clan projects are weekly tasks that grants a boost of CXP upon completion, each focusing on a particular aspect of the game. If your clan manages to complete all weekly projects, the clan will receive an additional, significant amount of CXP.

Read more details, including how clans are managed, by visiting The Division 2 site.


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