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Ubisoft and Partners Announce COVID-19 Relief Campaign for May 2

Includes event-day activities

By Poorna Shankar on April 09, 2020 | News | 0

Ubisoft and partners have announce an online event as part of a COVID-19 relief campaign.

The event is set to begin on May 2 and will include Ubisoft, Facebook Gaming, Barclays, Sports Interactive, and Codemasters. The event will be a 12-hour livestream on Facebook Gaming and Twitch, encouraging gamers to come together and play their favorite titles with others to send the message ‘You Are Not Alone’ (YANA). Everything will come together at YANA.gg, where you can learn more, with updates posted to @10milliongamers.

Additional event-day activities outlined by the press release include:

  • The Barclays Cup will incorporate a FIFA 20 tournament which will see pro players and footballers come together, and invites the community to sign up for a potential spot.
  • Ubisoft will offer three events including a Rainbow Six Siege Showmatch pitting pros against influencers, an UNO tournament and a Just Dance competition.
  • Codemasters offers F1 as an official title for the event.
  • Sports Interactive will provide Football Manager as an official title.


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