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Ub3rgames Secures Darkfall Online Licensing

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Ub3rgames has announced the final negotiations have been completed with Aventurine and that the company has secured licensing for Darkfall Online. Ub3rgames is currently at work on its iteration of the game called Darkfall: New Dawn.

So, what now?

Well, last week we talked about medium to long term time frames, today we’ll talk about the short term next steps:

We will first audit and analyze the code base and make a few modifications. We expect this phase to last from a few weeks to a couple months. We’ll be thorough as we don’t want to take any chances and will keep the community posted weekly, as usual.

We will open our store and announce a server opening date only once we are certain that we have a working product to sell. You can already read up on our business model.

There will be a three weeks long public stress test phase. This will be free and open to all, we want to collect as many metrics as possible and catch server issues before New Dawn becomes a paying product.Its purpose is also to let players experience the game again as soon as possible.

Read the full announcement  on the Darkfall: New Dawn site.


Suzie Ford

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