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TwoKinds Online Deploys AI and Combat Improvements

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Unfamiliar with TwoKinds Online? The Early Access game of TwoKinds Online is an MMORPG based off of the comic TwoKinds by Tom Fischbach. The team behind it, Cookie Dragon Games, hoped to meet a final release date by the end of 2021, but their latest roadmap doesn’t see the game being feature complete until late 2022. Recently, Cookie Dragon Games has updated their combat and AI as they work their way towards release.

TwoKinds Online follows the lore of the TwoKinds comic, which has been an ongoing series since 2003. The game will allow players to play as a Human, a Keidran, or a Basitin, and has been in development since 2017. The plan is to release the title as free to play, where a job based questing system, player housing, crafting, and a classless combat system with permadeath, will be primary features of the game. Cookie Dragon also plans to have NPCs age and retire.

In the latest post, players can take a look at the improvements the game has made, which includes stability fixes, and a new AI where enemies will have basic attacks and ranged attacks. Previously, the small team of 2 at Cookie Dragon Games detailed the advances they are making to combat as a whole, which included a complete rework of the battle system. Sprinting, left handed characters, the return of blocking, and better targeting have all been recently added.

TwoKinds Online resides in a furry-esque world where humans and anthropomorphic animals live, have relationships, and battle together. To that end, the developers have warned that the game may include partial nudity. Interested players can request a Steam key to join the Alpha by creating an account on the official website, or purchase a founders pack to support development. Founders packs will provide the following benefits:

  • Access to the game world beyond the tutorial islands.
  • 12 months of premium membership.
  • Extra permanent character slot.
  • Extra permanent residential property slot.
  • In-game titles.
  • Founder bag with 12 slots of item space.

It still looks like TwoKinds Online is quite a long way away from release, as the main developer Judah Perez primarily describes development as a project that is being worked on more as a hobby, but it seems that communication of features and planned production has increased over the past several months.


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