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Two New Dungeons Added to the Demon Realm

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KOG Games has sent word that a pair of new dungeons have been added to Elsword, both located within the Demon Realm. The update also features the new "Adaptability" stat that is only found in the Demon Realm. In addition, the Mystic Enchant System provides a way for end game players to make their gear stronger. 

Nestled beneath the gaping chasm below the El Tower lies a seal that seethes with demonic energy. As Denif opens the seal, the El Search Party squeezes through, only to find that they're in Henir's Realm; the Labyrinth of Ruin. To find the Demon Realm, to end this eternal struggle once and for all, they must traverse Henir's Realm, and seek the Forest beyond the blue light, and all that lurk in the mists beyond sanity. What lies beyond the blue light? The time is NOW!

From now through July 24th, players can take part in the Demon World Event. The Labyrinth of Ruin and the Guardian's Forest dungeons can be cleared daily to earn rewards including Leviathan Fragments and Forginay's Leaf that can in turn be traded for other items.

Learn more on the Elsword site.


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