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Two Important Beta Events Begin in Guild Wars 2

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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For Guild Wars 2, this is a pretty packed week for content and testing. As ArenaNet looks forward towards the release of End of Dragons in February, there are two testing events and some new story content heading your way.

First up, today begins the second beta event for the elite specializations for three more professions. This event will run through September 25th and unlocks three beta slots for you to test out three new specializations. The vindicator, bladesworn, and catalyst are the specializations for the revenant, warrior, and elementalist. All players will be able to test the specializations in the existing world.

Another beta also begins, and this one is a major one. In order to try to balance population and opportunities, there will be an overhaul of the way World vs. World is structured. WvW is an important part of the game and needs some attention, so there will be phased restructuring. Since the team really wants to rely on community feedback for this, this development and subsequent changes will be gradual. You can test out the first phase of the WvW changes in a beta period from September 24th through October 1st. As an enticement, you'll get bonuses when playing WvW from September 21st through October 1st. There's a 100% bonus to World Experience, 25% bonus for reward-track progress, and a 50% bonus to magic find.

Finally, there's also some story content to play through if you already own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Continue or return to the All or Nothing story by grabbing a free episode, available from September 21-28th. 

For those looking forward to the beta content and what the future of Guild Wars 2 has to offer, this week is a good time to check out what’s coming and give feedback to make it all better. For more, head over to the Guild Wars 2 schedule.


Christina Gonzalez

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