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Twin Saga Update Launches with Five New Dungeons

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Gamigo has announced that the latest Twin Saga update has launched that features five brand new dungeons, a new large-scale PvP battleground and a crossover "X-Legend MMO" event (Twin Saga, Aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia). During the event, players can earn a new pet that originates from one of the different online worlds created by the development team.

Thanks to the new patch, players can now explore entirely new dungeons in the Anime-World of Twin Saga. Imposing Boss monsters await the heroes in scalding desert valleys, Temple ruins and Laboratories. At the “Senshi Temple”, “Meridia Dungeon” as well as at the “Labs” and “Desert Valley”, more advanced adventurers can find new crafting recipes and armor parts. In the newly added Dungeon “Abyss”, players can even find new skill-books, which they can use to learn twelve new and unique class skills.

Learn more on the Twin Saga site.


Suzie Ford

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