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Twin Chain Blades Cutting Into the Game

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Nexon has announced the introduction of a new and deadly Vindictus weapon. Called "Twin Chain Blades", it is a mid-range weapon that combines both ranged and close-combat abilities, razor sharp blades as well as a whip-like cast at enemies.

This fierce new armament combines the razor-sharp edge of a sword, the range of a projectile and the fluidity of a whip so players can transform the battlefield into a churning tempest of pain. Players can use the blades to pull monsters closer or zip to them and unleash a relentless flurry of strikes. The Chain Blades are perfect for mid-range crowd control and incapacitating your enemies; they are available from level eight and on.

Read more about the Twin Chain Blades and the latest update on the Vindictus site.



Suzie Ford

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