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TwelveSky 2 Launches in October Under New Publishing Deal

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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If you were a fan of Twelve Sky, and maybe even wanted to get into TwelveSky 2, that never really materialized. Disputes and other challenges meant delays and cancellations. Any MMO fan knows many games, big and small, have been shut down or languished for years with little to nothing to maintain them.

Genius Orc has announced that TwelveSky 2 will return with an official launch being planned for early October after a closed beta period this month. Genius Orc is a global games publisher with locations in Turkey, Canada, and Korea, and the new version was made through a deal with the original developer, Bega Games. The new launch, which will be in English and Turkish, is based on the Korean version and looks to continue the storylines and content in the post Ronin Clan era. There haven’t been new updates for some time, and the team acknowledges the years-long delay for the game (which launched in Turkey in 2007) and the decision to bring it back now.

The company reports good feedback from this month's weeklong closed beta and is ready to go ahead with an October release. The launch will be complete with beta participation rewards and other bonuses. The announced beta rewards will be the Genius Orc limited edition cape and a pet and starter package (Imperial Edict x1, Kirin Scale x1, Phoenix Pill x3).

With previous announcements about release and delays, even in places where TwelveSky 2 has been running, it does seem that this time the release will go ahead as planned. It’s difficult to know how many people were originally interested in the game, but if the feedback and beta population was sufficient, this free to play launch will happen soon.

For more, you can find info on the Genius Orc official site for TwelveSky 2.


Christina Gonzalez