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Turn-Based, Strategic Superhero Game Capes Lands New Publisher and Multiplatform Release

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Several months ago, Capes, a strategic, turn-based tactical superhero game, was announced by Australian developer Spitfire Interactive for PC. Now, the game has a new trailer, and a new publisher, Daedalic Entertainment, and will be getting a multiplatform release sometime this year.

Capes has you assemble a team of heroes to fight back against the evil forces in control of the city decades after the supervillains won and superpowers were made a crime. Fast forward to 20 years later in a dystopian city where superpowers remain outlawed and many are suffering under the regime. Turns out that some are looking to stand up for what’s right and even learn to use their powers again. This is, of course, where you come in to build up the team you need in order to take back the city.

With a series of campaigns to take on, skill points to earn, and level up your heroes’ abilities and skills, Some of the challenges you'll find involve assembling the right team to take on each challenge. The missions you face will require certain skills so the tactics are upfront and important. In addition to completing side quests and missions to level up and give your heroes new abilities, with a dash of turn-based RPG style, you'll also face the evil corporate henchman and supervillains to save the day.

Originally in development just for PC, with Daedalic Entertainment on board as publisher, the team announced that Capes will hit multiple platforms this year. There are plans to bring it to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and Nintendo Switch in addition to the PC release.

The deal was announced as part of Steam Next Fest, and there’s also a new demo for the game that you can download and play through February 13th. 

You can find out more about Capes over at Spitfire Interactive



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