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Turn-Based F2P Strategy MMO Launches Into Early Access

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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If you're looking for a free-to-play strategy MMO, then we have good news for you: Space Wars - Interstellar Empires has launched into Steam Early Access. Players can control 250 different ships, command a diverse crew and take part in up to 40-player skirmishes.

Fight alongside your faction to claim every system in the galaxy, one planet at a time. Work with allies to forge new friendships and clans, or go rogue and discover worlds on your own. Either path will lead to tense battles for enemy space … or to defend your own. Once an invading force conquers a region, that faction’s map is updated to include the area. Each race must take the war to their enemies and overpower other species to win total control of the universe. FEATURES

  • Explore a massive intergalactic map made up of multiple regions. 
  • Enjoy stunning high-quality graphics with intricately-detailed and distinct ships. 
  • Currently Playable Factions: Sol Imperial Worlds and Genari United Empires
  • Choose from more than 100+ spaceships.
  • Participate in a universe where hundreds of battles may be going on at once 
  • Manage the captain and crew of your ships with dedicated skill trees.
  • Strategize your moves in turn-based combat and revel in immersive tactical mechanics

Check out the Space Wars: Interstellar Empires Steam page for more. Be sure, too, to read our preview to learn more about the game from a hands-on perspective.


Suzie Ford

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