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Turn-Based Combat RPG 'Warriors: Rise to Glory - Online Multiplayer' Heading to Steam Early Access

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A turn-based combat RPG, Warriors: Rise to Glory - Online Multiplayer, is hitting Steam Early Access this summer.

You’ll be able to take part in arena combat and basically fight to the death. Some key features include  High Stakes, Over-the-Top Brutal Combat, online play with your friends, forming potentially uneay alliances with your enemies, a leveling system, 1 v 1 battles, 2 v 2 battle, and free for all combat. You can also rally the crowd, partake in tile and turn-based combat, and more.

The press release also provides the following statement,

Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer is not just about flatulence and stabbing someone until their innards pool at their feet – this game goes deep, real deep. Beyond the farting, stabbing, memes, slicing, and fighting, you’ll discover that positioning, calculated risk, and the knowledge of your surroundings are what line the path to victory.”


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