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Trove Updating Today with Crystal Combat with Its New Dungeons & Topside Worlds

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Trove will be receiving a large new update when the Crystal Combat patch is deployed with players finally able to explore "the wonders of Geode's Topside". The update will be released for PC later today and for consoles in early 2019.

Players will be able to explore three brand new procedurally-generated Topside worlds that developers promise "are more challenging than anything else on the planet Geode". These worlds are called The Cerise Sandsea, Hollow Dunes and Weathered Wasteland and each one is a unique biome with its own horde of monsters. Players will be able to score new Crystal Equipment and Cosmic Gems that will be needed to "harness the power of Light to overcome these fiendish foes".

Players will also find:

  • "huge 5-star dungeons"
  • two new stats: Light and Dark
  • combat zones include Uber difficulty levels 8-10
  • the new Crystal Rarity for hats, faces and weapons
  • big changes to the Gem system
  • two new Dragons

Learn more on the Trove site.


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