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Trove Players Can Take Part in St. Qubeslick 2019 Through March 26th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Trove site has been updated with the news that St. Qubeslick 2019 has arrived and will run through March 26th. Players can set off on eight new "event adventures" that provide a sneak peek at gardening system improvements coming later in 2019. Dungeon loot chests will yield Lucky Dust that is used to create both Clover Seeds and Lucky Stars. Planting Clover Seeds and tossing a few Lucky Stars at them gives a boost so that, when harvested, they offer a consumable to increase Magic Find.

Clovers that are imbued with enough luck with grow into Lucky Clovers; a new consumable item that boosts Magic Find by 50 for 1 hour. If you can’t imbue your St. Qubeslick Clovers with Lucky Stars, please temporarily modify your Miscellaneous Settings to allow Cornerstone to be damageable by bombs & abilities.

Check out the Trove site to learn more.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster! 


Suzie Ford

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