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Trove Has Launched On Nintendo Switch, Bringing The Voxel-MMO To The Portable Console

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Trove is seeing a new release today, as gamigo has brought the Voxel-based MMO to the Nintendo Switch today. Already enjoyed by more than 28 million players across PC, PlayStation and Xbox, the MMO is now hitting a new audience on the go.

Troveif you're not one of the aforementioned 28 million players, is a voxel-based, free-to-play MMO that is, as gamigo puts it, "quite literally" built by the community itself. Players across the years have been able to create new dungeons, weapons and more to fill out the world of Trove, as well as enjoy the MMO as one of the seventeen different classes, including the newly released Bard Class, though right now that is only available to the PC version. 

Via this morning's press release:

"Trove is a game that easily fits any playstyle. Whether you just want to go in and explore the vast varieties of surface levels of the countless game worlds, or dive deep into dark dungeons, fight foes, craft, or just have a good time with your friends, Trove’s got something for everyone."

You can check out Trove on Switch todayTrove sees the console versions updated at a different clip than the PC version, and gamigo stresses it will "continue to provide regular updates to the Switch version," in case there were any worries about that. 


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