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Trouble in Paradise Update to Defiance 2050 to Launch on October 15th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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On October 15th, Defiance 2050 will be updated with the Trouble in Paradise content expansion that includes the new Crusader class. In addition, players will find new weapon skins, the Hulker Hell seasonal celebration and a new enemy, The Grid, will be joining the fray.

The Crusader, as the name implies, is a class that gets up close and personal with a 2-handed hammer. It's good too since The Grid "are an aggressive force of EGO constructs that are able to infect cybernetics and control the individual attached. Think of the zombie virus mixed with a computer virus and a dash of hard light constructs".

On top of all of that, we’re adding daily and weekly rewards, a new Faction/Vendor, new story elements to introduce the Grid, new missions, Co-Op map Prototypes, and the newly revamped Arkfalls with better scaling and new, score-based rewards.

Learn more on the Defiance 2050 site.


Suzie Ford

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