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Trouble at GamesRouter?

Dana Massey Posted:
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It seems the European host for ROSE Online and Legend of Mir 3 may be in financial trouble and the games taken offline, if a notice on a company website is for real. GamesRouter is the European host of ROSE Online and Legend of Mir 3. The company's forums today changed to a message pointing users to QualityGo.com. The message on that website reads as follows:

Unfortunately, due to two investors unable to commit to previous funding promises, we regret to inform you that our ISP have now terminated their service.

Naturally this will result in the loss of service for the Legend of Mir 3 and R.O.S.E Online games and will also mean all websites are also affected.

To contact the support team please send your enquiries to [email protected], but please be aware that we will be experiencing high volume of traffic and will probably mean a delay in your response.

We can only apologise for this but please keep checking here and we will keep you updated as we progress with this issue. 

It is not immediately clear at this time whether the above message is the truth. The GamesRouter website mentions nothing of these issues and remains active, even letting people register. Only their message boards say anything about the issue and they simply refer people to this outside website. Although, the company name on that website has been associated with GamesRouter before.

MMORPG.com has yet to reach anyone at GamesRouter for comment. However, ROSE's Gravity North America Community Manager "Calanor" posted the following on the North American boards:

I can't comment on what I don't know but I would assume that the euROSE servers would come back up soon for the European community. I don't want to see this turn out to be a complaint fest or bad mouthing Games Router or the euROSE servers. We are all better then that and I will hold everyone to that.

For those that are joining us from euROSE during this period, I welcome you and hope you enjoy yourself here; be it long term or short term. Welcome to the community.

To be clear, the game's North American and European operations are run by different companies, but this is the closest to official comment we could find.

We will hopefully have more information on this story tomorrow.


Dana Massey