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Triple Helping of Piratey Goodness Revealed

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Pirate101 players have a triple dose of piratey goodness with today's announcements. A new level 65 tower instance is now open that rewards players with some of the best gear in the game. In addition, the Crown Shop has an awesome new Grizzly Beast Pack that offers players the opportunity to score a beastly companion with the amazing ferret attack card. Lastly, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and the team will have lots up their sleeve.

Attention high level Pirates! If you have completed all of Mooshu (including the quest "The Great and Powerful Turtle") as well as all the Moo Manchu side quests (beginning with "The Moo Manchurian Candidate" given by Lord Chagatai in Subata), you will find a new quest from the Town Crier (or from Lord Chagatai himself) to embark upon a dangerous, and very profitable, adventure into The Tower of Moo Manchu! This ten level tower is full of danger and is meant for groups of players to bond together in the quest for rare loot, multiplayer chests, special badges, and to survive the nefarious trials that await you as you attempt to conquer the Tower of Moo Manchu. There’s even a special badge that will - never mind, we’ll let you discover this on your own . . . .

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Suzie Ford

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