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Trion Buys Up Gazillion Assets & Grows Its Publishing Arm

By Suzie Ford on June 25, 2018 | News | 0

VentureBeat is reporting that Trion Worlds has purchased all of Gazillion Entertainment's assets and is expanding its MMO publishing efforts worldwide. Gazillion's assets include Marvel Heroes Online and all of the company's licenses, trademarks, patents and domains. 

Trion Worlds will also beef up its ability to publish games created by other developers, using expertise in operations, networking, performance, security, player acquisition and analytics on a global scale. Trion Worlds will combine the Gazillion tools with its Trion Glyph platform to provide support and infrastructure for online game world developers.

According to Trion CEO Scott Hartsman, the technology gained through the acquisition will "empower Trion Worlds to provide better technology to outside teams looking to bring their games and ideas to fruition through its publishing and partnership programs". Companies utilizing Trion's platform will be able to leverage the resources and technology to "substantially reduce the time of their development cycles and greatly expedite the creation of exiting new projects". 

What, if anything, this means for Marvel Heroes Online, given that Gazillion lost its licensing before the studio closed, remains to be seen.

Read the full article at VentureBeat.


Suzie Ford

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