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Tribes of Midgard Update Brings Valhalloween Event and Extensive Balance Changes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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A brand new update is live in Tribes of Midgard, as the Wolf Saga continues. There's also the game's first event coming next week, with the arrival of Valhalloween.

The Wolf Saga began over the summer with the opening of the first season. The opening brought some new challenges, like the saga boss, a new rune system, and new gear. The second part of the event is on now and there's the saga boss variant to take down. There are also a handful of new runes, new rotating sets in the shop to acquire, a new Cloud King monkey pet, and even new starter kits for that early boost.

The armor system has also been updated to be more helpful and offer some more damage mitigation via better defense ratings and any equipment that buff that. This change is applied universally, so you should be better protected even in your current gear. Combat and class blessings got a few improvements as well, some of which are more visual and quality of life updates (class spell cooldowns are now shown in the HUD), and some more practical (a visual cue for when a Warrior is invincible during Reckless Roll).

There are also a slew of new balance changes to go with the armor system work. These affect rune effects, rarities, and crafting. All of these were done in response to player feedback and data on the meta, and they're expansive. Some of the effect changes include damage and healing increases and other boosted bonuses. Some runes have tweaked rarity too, which should help some players better their builds and others not be overtaken by overpowered builds.

Yet, for all of the new changes, the centerpiece next week is the first Tribes of Midgard event, Valhalloween. Joining in on the spooky atmosphere, the event will run from October 12th-November 1st.There will be festive art changes, themed music, and limited time challenges. Some of those challenges will unlock themed cosmetics like a Headstone Loot Chest, for when you want to guard your inventory upon death, a Valhalloween portrait, or a Little Stranger pet.

For more on the full list of extensive balance changes and a rundown of the Valhalloween event, check the official event announcement.


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