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Tribes of Midgard Opening Season 3, Inferno Saga and Launching on Xbox and Nintendo Switch in August

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Tribes of Midgard is opening Season 3 next month , and along with the new update, the game will be released on both Xbox and Nintendo Switch, joining the PC and PlayStation.

The new update, Inferno Saga, will be out on August 16th, and the content update is packed as usual with these seasonal updates from Norsfell. There is a new Burning biome, Volcanic Spire, and you’ll have to fight your way through hordes of new enemies to make your way to the new Saga Boss. The team promises that this will be the largest boss and he’ll be up to do some damage, as he will attack  and launch an invasion of Midgard with his fiery powers. 

Making your way through the volcanic Spire won't be easy, since you will not only have to worry about  the variety of  dangerous new enemies and their fire, you will have to gear yourself up to handle the new climate. Learning to survive the  heat will be worth it because not only can you take on some new enemies, you'll find new crafting materials, and new hazards.

Luckily, you also have a new weapon option. The new weapon type in this update will be Spears. You'll be able to craft a villager spear with just some wood, but there will be lots of upgrades available to learn. The team is also adding fishing, so you can get started by crafting a fishing rod and looking out for ripples in bodies of water.

Survival mode gets a revamp for Season 3 as well. The point of this mode in season 3 is intended to give you a relaxed experience that encourages  exploration and lifts the constant threat for a bit. It’s even got Crafting (Survival Mode), Which changes things to let players build crafting stations and make a variety of items.

For more, head over to Tribes of Midgard for more on the fiery challenges of Inferno Saga.


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