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Tribes of Midgard Launches on Console and Gets Season 3: Inferno Saga, With Major Changes, on August 16th

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August 16th brings a new season to Tribes of Midgard, along with its console launch. The update also features a revamped survival mode, an overhauled building system, and changes to the game that should open up options for players to have more choice in how they play.

Season 3: Inferno Saga makes some huge changes. Since the team wants to blend a love for ARPGs, survival games, and mythology in a Viking-themed sandbox, they want to serve players with different playstyles and paces. This also works since the game will launch on Xbox Series X\S and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with all previous content updates, on August 16th. 

Some of the changes are intended to make things a little more approachable, as well as more suitable for those who want a little more measured experience. The worlds that are generated in survival mode 2.0 are larger and custom tailored to the new mode. Players will find themselves starting on a large continent and can explore the Seas or everywhere else in a world that's a little safer because you will not have to defend a village every night. Helthlings will spawn around the environment at night but they won’t attack the Seed of Yggdrasil. Days will now last 20 minutes, to give a little more time before the next night. 

The building system has also been overhauled. The crafting system is also reinvented for this update. Without a central Village or Village vendors, you'll have to start your adventure by learning how to craft the materials you need, repair equipment, and create items. Your most important tool will be the Allforge,  an invention you can place and used to craft.

The update includes Saga quests, and a new name for Saga bosses: Ancients. There will be fast travel, new ways of construction, and A whole new tutorial system featuring some talking cats.

Read the full announcement over at Tribes of Midgard. 


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