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TRI Starshine Earphones Launch Today

Electrostatics in Full Package

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Courtesy of HiFiGo, we have word of an exciting new pair of IEMs from TRI with the brand new StarShine earphones. The company has been hard at work introducing a series of new IEM’s into the market of late with the TRI StarShine’s boasting some impressive new specs and rare electrostatic drivers.

These quad driver hybrid IEM’s feature a pair of Denmark Imported Dual Sonion Electrostatic Tweeters as well as Dual Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers. The Knowles balanced armature drivers are a staple for HiFiGo’s IEM’s at the moment as they were also featured in their Crystal 6 IEMS. These armature drivers are exceptional at producing powerful low-frequency sound with minimal distortion. 

A feature of note is the electrostatic tweeters which offer a unique approach to sound production. Unlike standard cone drivers, electrostatic systems rely on a thin flat diaphragm sandwiched between two electrically charged grids. As electrical current passes through the grids it essentially removes distortion from audio creating a filter-like system for sound. In essence, an electrostatic driver produces clarity in audio by removing all the noise as sound passes through the system. The one drawback is that they do require a bit more power to get up and running but the trade-off is typically worth it. 

The TRI StarShine’s also boasts an advanced electronic frequency division system. In essence, it combines a series of electronic frequency divisions with acoustic physical frequency divisions to filter a range of frequencies. This assures that the drivers stay in their frequency lane to remove frequency bleeding between drivers. The result is high-resolution sound quality that boasts clarity across the frequency spectrum. 

Connecting these IEM’s together is a pair of hybrid 8-core copper and silver plated wire. Fully insulated, this braided cable system dramatically reduces microphonic (noise) issues for your audio experience. With a soft outer coating, the cables are flexible and comfortable to wear.

Speaking of comfort, the StarShins IEM’s come equipped with a skin-friendly inner ear capsule designed from the ground up to maximize comfort for the wearer. This German-designed inner cushion is designed using various 3D modeling data from people worldwide to create the best design for extended wear. The outer shell is comprised of a single, seamless shell. Each is uniquely designed so that no two pairs are identical.

HiFiGo is currently offering a presale on the Tri StarShine IEM’s with a 50 reduction from the launch price. For more information on the headphones or to pre-order jump on over to the HiFiGo site for more details. Keep your browser locked to MMORPG.com for more reviews and news on all things audio.


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