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Travel to Oshur as PlanetSide 2 Brings Water Mechanics, Weapons, and New Campaign Chapters to PS4

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 PlanetSide 2 will bring its new continent of Oshur to PlayStation 4 next week on March 23rd. This update brings the new continent, the new water gameplay, underwater weapons, facilities, and campaign content.

The update is a huge one, and has been out for PC players for several weeks now. The developers were able to continue fine-tuning the experience based on player data. Now, the new continent will be available on PlayStation 4 and to celebrate the launch, from Wednesday March 23rd, through Sunday March 27th the team at Rogue Planet games will be auto unlocking the continent.

If you haven't gotten a chance to play the  Expedition Oshur update, it brings a new dimension  2 PlanetSide 2.  you'll be able to discover the islands of Oshur and their new tropical environment that will be able to provide you cover as well as advantageous locations to strike from. There are construction location opportunities if you are looking to protect advancements, and you have plenty of open field and beaches if you're looking to organize heavy armored combat.

You'll be able to start at your faction's flotilla, which now has heavy anti-air turrets so that you can travel the waters. The centerpiece is the new water gameplay, because you'll travel to your destination underwater and the new water mechanics will let wheeled vehicles float on the surface and your air vehicles can actually travel smoothly underneath. You can also traverse the ocean floor by walking or using a treaded vehicle, but there are corals and other structures around that can impede your travel. These new environments will probably take some getting used to.

Of course, with new underwater mechanics and vehicles, there are also a number of new underwater weapons you can unlock through the campaign and other means. Some of the new facilities include outposts, and relays but you can use to your advantage if you can protect them.

For more on the Expedition Oshur release on PS4  for PlanetSide 2, see the official announcement here. 


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