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Tradeskills Update in Next Patch

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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In the next World of Warcraft patch, Tradeskills will be renamed as Professions.  This is more than a name change, however.  Professions are getting a complete makeover:

You will no longer learn different professions by paying for them with skill points. You'll still learn them by speaking to the appropriate profession trainer. However, players will now be restricted to learning two professions. We decided to change the skill system to make it simpler, balanced, and more intuitive. The new system should allow everyone to participate in one to two professions, and create a much more vibrant market for goods generated from professions.

Players are encouraged to choose their two skills prior to the patch (the date of which has not been announced at this writing) and unlearn any other skills they may currently have trained.  Characters that have more than two skills at the time of the patch will have two chosen at random.  The entire post is available by clicking here.

Also, new mosaic wallpaper is available!  Whoopee!!!  Click on the image below to download a variety of sizes.

This link will take you to the official website for World of Warcraft.


Reed Hubbard