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Town Events

Jon Wood Posted:
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The team from Icarus Studios has provided us with this new developer journal discussing Town Events in their post-apocalyptic MMO, Fallen Earth.

Wandering the desert, looking for something to do? Check out a town event! Town events are another fun way to interact in the Fallen Earth environment. Like a conflict town, a town event offers cool rewards for completing repeatable missions, but most town events have no faction requirement, so anyone can join in as players work together to achieve a goal.

Fallen Earth conflict towns show the violent clash of ideologies in a post-apocalyptic world, whereas a town event often involves rebuilding, fortifying or defending a settlement against an outside attack. Town events provide a different kind of cooperative play. Each has a list of goals players must meet to bring on the event finale. Players might need to gather resources or clear out dangerous areas. Every player's contribution counts towards the completion of the town event, without regard to clan or faction. The more players cooperate and organize their efforts, the faster the finale comes around.

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Jon Wood