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Tower of Fantasy's Pre-Registration Rewards and Launch Events Will Get You Started Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Shared-world RPG Tower of Fantasy is nearing launch, and there’s a pre-registration campaign still going on, and a just-announced series of launch celebration events to get you started.

The pre-registration campaign, which recently hit the goal of 30 million, will unlock a series of bonuses from all prior tiers, including very special ones for hitting the goal. Among the rewards are gold, food, an exclusive avatar, jetpack paint, a special outfit called Star Sand, and more. 

Once the game launches, you'll be able to claim the reward packs after completing a particular main story quest,  "Ecological Station Intruders" and unlock the reward page. Be sure to  decide which platform you want to claim it on. Rewards will be claimable for 6 months.

There are other launch events you can take part in to help you get started. Starpath Navigation Is listed as a permanent event that will occurs for 21 days after character creation, so this seems like something you can take part in with each character. When this three-week period is in effect, if you complete certain missions to get event points, you can eventually claim rewards including an SSR weapon box, if you reach certain point goals. 

Pioneer’s Gift will run from launch on August 10th through the 31st. Again, complete "Ecological Station Intruders" and you’ll be eligible. As long as you create a character during the event you'll be able to claim some exclusive launch rewards from a special event page. 

Finally, there’s Nemesis Limited Cache, which also Runs from August 10th to the 31st. During this event, If you complete certain tasks, and use particular items to complete special orders, you'll have an increased chance of obtaining bonuses like special boxes and item rewards.

For more, head over to Tower of Fantasy.


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