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Tower of Fantasy's Next Major Update, Wandering Amidst Miasma, Arrives February 2nd

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Tower of Fantasy  will get its next major update, 2.3 Wandering Amidst Miasma, on February 2nd. After taking us through the desert and in the neon colored cyberpunk city of Mirroria, we're headed to the Miasmic Swamp, a new area of Vera with rocks and lush green terrain. 

For the update, there will be a new map to explore these new areas that will expand the world again. Going from desert and shiny city to greenery and rainforest-like environments is definitely going to be a big change. Expect new creatures, new plants, and some other interactive additions that will open up gameplay mechanics, like neon mushrooms and some mysterious egg devices you’ll encounter.

There’s a new trailer showing a peek at some of what the new story content will be like. The clip features some of the most recent simulacra, like Lin, Tian Liang, and Lyra, working to face the threat from theHive Mother. It also introduces some of the new ones we can expect after the update is out, including Alyss,  Umi and Icarus. 

For those itching for new challenges, expect two new bosses in the 2.3 update, Jormungan and Eva. Jormungan uses claymores and Eva attacks with spinning techniques enhanced by her primary volt stat. Both of these new bosses also have second stages, so expect some surprises. 

Hotta Studio will be adding three new instances in the update as well. Carnival Party sounds like a fun outing, except you’ll be battling against a band and have to defend against attacks from guitar and vocals. Probably not like concerts you’ve been to before. Pursuit of Fate has you travel in a race car between phases, in which you get to battle enemies at each stop. Finally, Origin of War is likely to be the most familiar in style, as it’s a multiplayer tower challenge that will also get refreshed with seasons.

The Tower of Fantasy team is also planning events and gifts to mark six months since launch after this update. 


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