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Tower of Fantasy Will Merge Servers Within Regions to Improve Performance and Reduce Wait Times

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy will begin a new round of server merges starting tomorrow and carrying into Wednesday. The merges will be within regions, to help server populations. This will also mark the end of server transfers. 

Work will begin when Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America get their server transfers starting tomorrow, July 25th. On Wednesday, July 26th, the rest of the work will begin with North America and Asia Pacific merges happening. 

With the decision to merge within regions only, the team hopes to create a better player experience, seamless interconnected play within regions, and of course, healthier server populations. Keeping things steady and active is always part of the balance question when it comes to live service games, so they're betting on the significant increase in population on various servers affected by the merges.

With these merges, they also acknowledge more competition for the leaderboards, as well as the potential loss of ranks from servers that will merge, and there is something special for that issue.

“As we strive to improve your gaming experience, we are closely evaluating the need to expand the ranking settlement range for certain game modes. To ensure a smooth transition, during the first Sequential Phantasm and Origin of War settlement day after the server merge, we will offer additional rewards. These rewards will be based on independent rankings of servers prior to the merge and distributed in accordance with settlement rules, in addition to the existing settlement rewards.”

The Sequential Phantasm will be July 31st and the first Origin of War settlement day will happen September 11th. Only these settlement dates will get those extra rewards.

Another announcement the team made is that once the server merges have happened, there will no longer be the ability to transfer servers. since some players have initiated server transfers, the team will be reimbursing  those who recently paid for server transfers since July 1st 

There will be compensation for each hour of maintenance, and the team notes that if you have characters on multiple servers, you won't lose any of them. After the server merges happen, you'll be able to see each other in the overworld and team up with others.

For full details and downtime schedule, head to Tower of Fantasy.


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