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Tower of Fantasy Vera Update Coming October 20th, With Steam Launch the Same Day

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Tower of Fantasy will get its first major update, the previously teased Vera expansion, on October 20th. On the same day, the game will also be made available on Steam.

The Vera expansion will bring two distinct new areas to full life. The vast, irradiated Desert Gobby, and within its center, the cyberpunk-inspired city of Mirroria. Mirroria had already been introduced, but this was with the promise of more, and that more is on the way. Of course, with the flashy and glittery mirror city, there’s much more behind that surface, as there often is.

Both of these areas will have new missions, raids, events, and instances to enjoy. Of course, with new areas and environments, we should expect monsters that fit the area, as well as huge world bosses. In one of these sections of the Desert Gobby, known as the Grayspace, the environment will get dark as you enter, and there are enemies to encounter called Grayspace Entities. They’re somewhere in the dark, and they come in a number of varieties. They’re among those responsible for ongoing damage to Vera’s ecology, so expect a challenge, especially if you run into the Abyssants. Those are the deadliest variety, with promised rewards to match.

The latest teaser for Vera references the conflict and fragility between the real world and the dangers, but also the possibilities. Vera will also include a number of new vehicles and new weapons to get your hands on, and you’ll need them to get by in the new environments. That teaser also shows off some of the new characters coming to the game, Lin, Ruby, and Saki Fuwa. 

While there was word that the game would come to Steam soon, now we know that this will happen on October 20th, and will include Vera.

The Tower of Fantasy team will host a special stream on Vera on October 13th at 1pm PT, with a look at everything coming in the update.

For more, head over to Tower of Fantasy.


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