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Tower of Fantasy Update Fixes Some Launch Bugs and Adds Player Experience Improvements

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Tower of Fantasy has officially been out for a week now, and of course, launches bring issues. The team has been working to address some of those issues and has just released a new patch that fixes some of the crashing issues and bugs, while also improving the user experience on some points.

With any launch, it’s never surprising to see some crashes or bugs that just weren’t caught before a massive rush of players tried to log in. While the game’s global release is on several platforms, this both helps and hurts since it makes some issues unique to those additional platforms pop up. Fixes in this update include a crash problem on iOS devices that was happening when a player would cancel login. This is just one example. 

Other fixes in this update include addressing an issue where a blank pop-up would open when starting or updating the game, a world map teleport issue, disappearing water in some scenes, and another crash issue affecting the Portuguese version.

This patch, which is optional, and not required to keep playing for now, also makes a couple of tweaks intended to better the player experience. According to the notes:

Gaming Experience Improvements:

  • Optimized the queuing time display, improved the display time that is too long in comparison to the actual time
  • Improved the server recommendation logic when queuing; other servers in the same region of the currently selected server will be recommended.

This update follows issues that the team has been working on since launch, including an increase in the server capacity, restoring purchases that never arrived, and adding a cooldown timer to chat when it comes to text and emojis to avoid flooding and becoming unusable. They are also implementing improved anti-cheat and have announced that they banned over 1,700 accounts for cheating and related violations.

You can read the full patch notes over at Tower of Fantasy. 


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