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Tower of Fantasy Update Adds Annabella, With a Showcase of Her Fast and Fiery Kit

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Tower of Fantasy has its latest update, introducing the latest simulacrum, Annabella. She arrives along with a new showcase showing off her combat and skills with her special weapon, the sniper rifle Clover Cross. 

Today’s update not only adds Annabella, but begins events, fixes some bugs, and improves the PC version by adding ray tracing and additional support. Adding ray tracing to Tower of Fantasy on PC works on systems with GPUs that support ray tracing, with DirectX 12 enabled. Once you've done that, you should be able to enable ray tracing to enjoy a spruced-up PC version.

The team is hiding an achievement, the Emperor’s New Clothes, which can’t be completed due to a bug, and issuing compensation for those that had begun the process. Other bugs in the patch are getting fixes, including the Mirroria racing leaderboard now set to show the correct display.

 The center of the update is definitely Anabella. Dressed in a maid outfit, she may look cute and unassuming, but that’s part of her power. She's eager to complete her work and is not afraid to use her deadly weapon and flame kit. She's great at long range combat but she can also do well in close quarters, as someone that moves rapidly and has access to grenades. You can choose to play her as DPS or to use her as support. 

She can snipe an enemy and get out, or get in, fire and hit hard, then make her exit. Examples of what she can do include her move Deceitful Bomb, which she can use to dodge and then trigger a gas explosion that reduces flame resistance in the targets. She can then strike back with flame abilities or set a teammate up for a successful hit. Her passives and the way she works well with others like Ruby can really hit hard. 

For more on the update, read the notes over at Tower of Fantasy.


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