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Tower of Fantasy Under the Grand Sea Update is Live, Expect Optimizations and Slower Update Pacing

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It’s time to go explore the newest region added to Tower of Fantasy with the Under the Grand Sea update, version 2.4. This big update brings a new simulacrum, Lan, continues the story, an features the first underwater map with lots to explore.

This is a large update, so if you’ve already explored all the available terrain, played all the minigames, and assembled your best team, there’s more to do now. Going underwater means adjustments in the environments as you travel too, whether that’s avoiding the electric eels, surviving sharks, or adjusting to how undersea travel works,via the new Dive mechanic. 

The technologically advanced and futuristic Innars is the city that will be your hub for this section. As you swim around in the new areas, there will be a number of new puzzles to discover that could get you some rewards, like dark crystals. 

As with prior updates, the new terrain is colorful and big in scale, but there’s more going on, including, of course, danger (aside from those sharks). One of those dangers is the undersea lava that you’ll notice in the depths. There’s the Dragon Breath volcano, where you’ll also find one of the two new world bosses.

To mark the release of this big update, Tower of Fantasy is featuring Twitch Drops from today through April 2nd, and events. There’s also an official guide to 2.4 exploration to get you started.

The team is also addressing some concerns after getting feedback that it’s too hard to keep up. First, they’ve announced some balance adjustments to help optimize the experience. Since launch, Tower of Fantasy has changed a lot. The fast clip of updates so far were done to catch up to this point, but things will be slowed down a bit to allow for more time to play through each update going forward. With the arrival of version 2.4, the global version will be kept two big updates (versions) behind the Chinese edition.

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