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Tower of Fantasy Starts Some Events and New Character, Weapons Engineer, Cobalt-B Arrives Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The large Vera update is still on the way, but before we get there with Tower of Fantasy, there will be another new update  that brings a new character, and some rewarding events.

The Vera Orienteering Limited-Timed Event will run from now through October 12th, and This event will let players earn rewards by completing challenges that are focused on specific gameplay goals. The challenges in the event will be gradually unlocked during the event period.

The first challenge is now available and it is Phase 1, Entrusted Investigation. You'll have to open password chests and defeat some Hyenas in the Overworld. When you do so, you’ll get warp energy cells based on the rarity of the chests you find and enemies you beat. Other rewards for phase one include red nucleus and energy crystal dust. 

Phase 2 begins on September 30th, and in order to complete this phase, you'll have to beat 2 world bosses, Lady Lucia and Sobek. Once you do that, you'll get the world boss password test. Phase 3 will begin on October 6th and you'll have to clear the event instance and obtain more warp energy cells. 

Before we get to Vera, on October 6th there will be a new character introduced, Cobalt-B, a new Simulacrum who is known for her Flaming Revolver. Described as a mechanical engineer from the Hykros weapon development team who is also known to test her weapon designs on the Hyena members she finds, she’ll bring that energy to your adventures if you get her. She'll also bring that flaming revolver with her for some high-stakes experimentation on the battlefield. 

Given the challenges in the Vera Orienteering event, having Cobalt-B on your side might be a good idea when you need to take on tougher Hyena members or world bosses for scaled rewards.

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