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Tower of Fantasy Shows Off Umi, Her Magic Card Tricks-Based Combat, and Skills

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy’s newest simulacrum, Umi, will be released on February 23rd, but the team has released a showcase showing off the newest roster option known as “the unlucky, optimistic girl”.

With a desire to be a great magician, Umi wields her whip-like weapon, Mobius. With inspiration from the Mobius strip, which is a strip of paper connected in a way that makes a single whole with its connection, Umi uses her weapon to unleash her Normal elemental attacks and more, with style. In Umi’s introduction, it says she was comparable to an Executor and was working as a guard at the outpost, but in a preview, it seems that she's not recommended. More lore and storytelling will likely come to light once Umi is released.

If you decide to add Umi to your roster, you can unleash combo normal attacks or set up charged attacks that can launch your enemies. Her weapon skill, It’s Magic Time, is triggered by combat, which gives you warm up points. You even get some when you enter combat. once you use your skill, magic playing cards will appear in the air and enemies within a certain range will be pulled together and slowed, giving an opportunity for Umi or her teammates to pummel the enemies. 

Not only is she temporarily invulnerable after using this skill, she also enters Magic Trick state.This is her core state and the key to using Umi effectively. Throughout combat, you'll be able to get cards to determine what card magic you're able to use. during the Magic Trick State she'll be able to get hearts or spades guaranteed, and you can keep selecting to draw cards. depending on the card combo you get, that determines what you use. For example, a skill under card magic called Contradiction Corrosion provides instant HP recovery and continuous area damage. This requires drawing two hearts. Others have different effects.

Effectively, in order to really succeed with Umi, you'll have to learn how to use Mobius effectively and also have a splash of good luck for your cards. Once you’ve done that, getting to familiarize yourself with the abilities at the cards allow you to act quickly when they come up. 

For more, head to Tower of Fantasy.


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