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Tower of Fantasy Shows off Hints of Underwater Adventures Environments to Come

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Tower of Fantasy is getting ready for its upcoming underwater content expansion. There’s a new video from the original Chinese build showing off some of what we might expect.

There isn’t much word yet on what Version  2.4, Underwater Adventure  will feature, but the new video from the original Chinese version was cleared to be shared. In the video, you can see a colorful and seemingly expansive underwater area. Given that Tower of Fantasy has greatly expanded its regions before, this isn’t surprising, but we have to see how much of it will be places you can explore and how much will just be a pretty sea to look at.

Regardless, it is a pretty sea. There are underwater plants, bubbles around, statues and structures, along with a whole lot of fish and other sea creatures. Jellyfish making their way through the water, anemones, a colorful electric eel sparking, a lionfish, and other creatures, swim along the bubbles. The scenes switch and even more sea creatures, both real and imaginary, exist among the various structures and elements that hint at the impact other bits of Vera will have down there.

In addition to the natural features, there are structures, crystals, some hot red slices at the bottom of the water, and later, an underwater volcano. We also get a peek at what swimming through this will look like  via a brief clip that shows a character swimming through water and then through a cape of water into a building. These buildings are located underwater, but seem to work like regular buildings that you’re used to.

Tower of Fantasy has been teasing the arrival of their underwater expansion for a while, and it is finally on track. We should expect to hear a lot more details pretty soon, including what else is in this update, and when we can expect it available to dive into.


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