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Tower of Fantasy Showcases Saki Fuwa in New Video Showing Her Frosty Katana Combos and More

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Tower of Fantasy is showcasing Saki Fuwa, the next character set to be added, with a new video and details on her moves and abilities.

Saki Fuwa is a Special Forces captain in Mirroria at the age of 16, who uses a katana and specializes in the use of a discipline called Super Flow. 

The video shows off her skills, from Ragestream, which looks to unleash serious slashing damage to an enemy, finishing by sending him up into the air. The second move, Airsplit, has Saki Fuwa herself taking to the air as she is fueled by her powerful strikes and whirling slashes. The third move, Frostfall, looks to live up to its name and add some icy element damage to the mix. Polar Front continues showing her ability to deliver the cold, this time with a turn to dodge first, then hit. She can trigger Heartlotus, which removes debuffs from her, sending her dashing forward towards an enemy and attacking with a combo, once the weapon charge is full.

You’ll want to pay attention to her ice power and her katana. The sword is coated with a nano coating made from dark crystals, which is a reason why she can wield that sub zero power.

With her Super Flow discipline, she has access to several flow states, with different characteristics and advantages. Excited Flow is made for fast, hard hitting offensive attacks and Silent Flow is a defensive posture. When in Excited Flow, she gets a boost to her frost damage and a faster healing rate when she’s attacking enemies. In Silent Flow, she gets block charges and a boosted block rate.

These states are accompanied by relevant skills, and overall the two of them on the same character lend her versatility and some choice in how you want to play. Her stance can change depending on your current resonance. 

Head over to Tower of Fantasy for more.


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