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Tower of Fantasy Rubilia Showcase Shows Off Her Skills and How to Manage Them for Max Enemy Pain

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Tower of Fantasy’s next simulacrum arrives tomorrow, and Rubilia’s showcase dives into her kit, her mastery of the Grayspace Entities, and her special weapon, Lost Art. 

Rubilia’s lore trailer both introduced her and added to her mystery, but this showcase demonstrates her combat skills. She is different from other simulacra, and she summons Crystamax thorns and uses them to deal high burst damage to enemies. Her appearance and those thorns are pretty intimidating and even her basic attacks let her strike from the ground or mid-air up to five times. 

Her Crystamax thorns  are her main mechanism. She summons them when she uses her Discharge skill, and can’t be attacked. Rubilia can have up to five of them active by first summoning three and then using Discharge again for the final two within a 150 second time limit. Time control and movement will be key to using her. When she Dodges she will generate something called Feedback and when that is triggered, her thorns can recover HP and deal even more damage after losing some HP when she uses weapon skills.

Those weapon skills are useful because she can do things like quickly dash a bunch of times and pull targets in together to round up enemies. Every time she dashes, it costs the thorns some XP to deal extra damage, but clearly she can recover some of that with careful management. Feedback can be triggered at different levels, with each level having different effects. At one star, thorns will damage nearby enemies for 30 seconds but if you wait until she has five stars full, all her thorns recover 50% of their HP.

She can dash forward and she can also rush upward and then dive back down. Impressive strike, but you'll have to get her movement down in order to properly control her mobility and launch your attacks. 

Rubilia will be out June 3rd in Tower of Fantasy, and there are several events going on in conjunction with her arrival.


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