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Tower of Fantasy Reveals Simulacrum Lyra, Coming in Mirafleur Moonshade Update on December 22nd

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Tower of Fantasy’s Mirafleur Moonshade update will be out on December 22nd. The update will expand the cyberpunk city of Mirroria, opening up new areas and activities, new simulacrum Lyra, and new game modes.

Hotta Studio’s open world MMORPG continues getting reveals for this next big update, which continues to expand the world and your options for roster building. Lyra is the newest simulacrum to get a character video, and she might surprise you. Regarded as  Ms. Maidelin’s successor, and cold, without much notice paid to her, she has a weapon known as Vesper. It looks like a cybernetic arm and she can use it both to deal high damage and to heal.

Previously-announced simulacrum Tian Lang will also be in this new update, joining Lyra as the two new options. He’ll deal powerful lightning elemental damage and hit hard. 

Several activities will open up in the update, especially in the new areas  located in the city, with interior scenes and interactive content that you can play around in. There's an entertainment center where you can go bowling, play in a racing competition, or even attend live music. There's also a roller coaster and ferris wheel to enjoy, and for those who love puzzles, there will be Lantern Riddles, a spot to solve some riddles and earn yourself some rewards. There's also the Aquaria Palace opening up, and the Treasure Garden and Miramoon Street. 

This big update, officially version 2.2 for Tower of Fantasy, will also bring several new game modes and options, including the upcoming Void Abyss, and Critical Abyss, which will be an 8v8 battle mode. Hotta Studio will likely be revealing more about the coming content in the coming days, especially since the update is just one week away. 

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