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Tower of Fantasy Reveals Saki Fuwa, and Plans Maintenance Tomorrow To Fix a Number of Crashes

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Tower of Fantasy will fix a number of crash issues and errors with a maintenance period tomorrow. The team is also beginning to preview the character of Saki Fuwa, with her expected release later this week.

Saki Fuwa will be the next character in Tower of Fantasy, and she’s expected to be added on November 10th. According to the first info released about her, she is the captain of Mirroria Security’s Special Forces, and is 16 years old. Impressive. She loves the ancient kendo fighting style and also dresses in a traditional kendo-inspired uniform as well. Part of her kit includes a Super Flow state that she can enter. She also has a second form that gives her a special katana with a dark crystal nano-coated blade for additional enhancements. 

Before the game can get its latest new character, however, there are some issues that need fixes. Tomorrow's work will fix several annoying crash issues, including server disconnection incidents affecting the North American Tempest server. A visual display issue on the return store page should also be addressed, along with some additional crashes.

Other fixes coming in the update are practical ones. Claudia has had an issue with her 3-Star Matrix not having a properly working cooldown sometimes, and this will address that issue. The character sex change card wasn’t working properly on PC. The Icewind Arrow skill also gets a fix for dodge boost, and another fix for Spark using charging with Negating Cube but at no endurance cost.

Overall, this is a practical fix, and the team will compensate for the downtime with 300 Dark Crystals.

After the patch, should everything be fixed as intended, then we expect that more info on Saki Fuwa will begin to follow.

You can read the full patch notes for tomorrow’s update at Tower of Fantasy.


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