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Tower of Fantasy Reveals LiuHuo and the Global Producer Previews 3.0 and Domain 9 Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy will head into its version 3.0 soon, with the arrival of Domain 9. The team is shedding a little light on the next simulacrum, LiuHuo, and sharing a Q&A on all things 3.0 with the game’s producer.

The next major update is set for June 27th, so there’s not long to wait for the next new region to explore. LiuHuo wields her special weapon, Pine Comet. Her weapon looks like a paintbrush for a reason. Her flame-elemental weapon and combat style that incorporates calligraphy and painting are on the way. In her story trailer, we meet her and her brother and see how some of his teasing and bullying push her to show her flaming abilities. 

Her weapon is the flame type, and when the weapon is fully charged, her next attack will set her target on fire, causing damage over time and impairing the enemy's healing ability. This trailer is mostly an introduction to her background and story, we get a brief peek at her combat, sending enemies flying in the air, setting them on fire, and doing a bunch of damage. We’ll likely get a combat showcase later to dive deep into her artistic, fiery abilities.

Meanwhile, Tower of Fantasy Global’s producer is preparing us all for 3.0 next week. In a more than 20-minute preview (hit captions for translation) we get some details on the lore and a synopsis of the new chapter, new characters and a preview of them and some of the lore we’ll encounter, gameplay footage of the new update, and a Q&A section.

“Domain 9 itself  harbors our commemoration of the classical civilization. However, it’s wrapped around a theme with technological advancement.”

Expect a combination of sometimes beautiful and lush environments, architectural designs, along with technological location details. They do promise that you will see how everything from Domain 9 also fits with the previous lore and story locations.

There's a lot more in the producer Q&A to find out if you want to take a deep dive into a preview of what to expect in Tower of Fantasy next week. 


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