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Tower of Fantasy Q&A Covers All Things v2.2 and a Possible Ocean World?

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Tower of Fantasy will get the big Mirafleur Moonshade update tomorrow, but the team has a new Q&A addressing all things version 2.2.

When the city of Mirroria was opened in update 2.0, what we got to see was section A. This update will open up sections B and C, and it is packed with a number of different places to visit, including the entertainment center, race track, bowling alley, nightclub, food center, and a whole lot more to explore. One of the other major features that we've been able to see in trailers Is that these new areas will offer a bunch of new minigames to spend your time in. Undoubtedly, these will be rewarding in some way, so they should be another way you can spend time in Tower of Fantasy earning yourself something special.

Not only will you be able to go dancing in the club, but you can go bowling, race on the track, eat food at the food center, and do things like ride the roller coaster. There are more than 150 exploration points coming in these two sectors of Mirroria. And those rewards come for exploration and for activities to be discovered. The team wanted to continue adding features to make the juxtaposition between this glowing cyberpunk futuristic city that sits with a dry desert outside, and add features that players will just find cool.

While the year winds down, expect an event to celebrate the new year and as a thanks to fans for the support this year. The highlight will be a parade that the publisher promises will be visually special, but there will be loot to collect from the limited event.

New challenges also came up, and new modes, the Void Abyss and the Critical Abyss are coming in the beginning of the new year. The Void Abyss is a high level instance you can take on with other players, and is key to getting new endgame gear on your way to level 80, the new cap. Once you do reach 80, the Critical Abyss unlocks, and 8v8 PvP will be open for you.

There's more in the video about the PC version, what has been going on, as well as comments from the ToF lead developer at Hotta Studio, about balancing, as well as a peek into the future. The original Chinese version of the game is getting an ocean themed world, so stay tuned.

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