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Tower of Fantasy Previews Upcoming Vera Update With New Story Trailer Showing The Desert and Its Dangers

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 Tower of Fantasy is offering a peek into the upcoming Vera expansion with a new trailer showing the desert terrain and some of the challenges, like huge field bosses, on the way.

More recently, the game got the mysterious cyberpunk-inspired city of Mirroria and additional content that includes new areas to explore, but the Vera update promises to be a big one. With this trailer, you get to venture outside the boundaries of where you’ve been before. Mirroria comes up in this story trailer too, but the focus is on the vast desert, as well as hints at the story.

That desert is going to be where you can look forward to exploring, discovering new creatures, huge world bosses, and more to uncover.  Tower of Fantasy is a game that does go big when it comes to bosses so this isn't surprising, but as the intro to the trailer goes, other parts of the world feature different  characteristics, like beaches or grass, but the desert is expansive and desolate. This gives some hint at what this new Vera update might bring us through, along with some of the key lines from the trailer - 

“The desert has never been tamed, we just live here. Like a group of lost people, holding onto the crumbling hope.” 

This, combined with the huge bosses we see in the trailer, the new creatures we have to meet, and of course the danger of a huge desert to travel and explore in, the Vera update promise is not just a large new region, but a lot more content to keep players busy. The recent Artificial Island update introduced a form of player housing, as well as new territory and new quests.

Meanwhile, today the team had to shut down the servers for some emergency down time to fix some bugs. That update went off successfully and players were given compensation of 100 Dark Crystals. 

For more, head to Tower of Fantasy.


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