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Tower of Fantasy Previews the Mysterious and Capable Ji Yu and Her Weapon, Freeflow

The newxt simulacrum gets a strategic introduction

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Tower of Fantasy’s Celestial Destiny update is coming soon, and we get a new peek at the next simulacrum, Ji Yu, with her weapon, Freeflow.

Ji Yu is known as Master Yu to some, and she has been featured before as the leader of Ignisville in Domain 9. In her simulacrum trailer, she plays a game of Go and narrates her thoughts on strategy, before the Go board becomes a  battlefield where she is shown battling enemies. Her weapon, Freeflow, is designed for versatility.

We should be getting a full breakdown showing her abilities, but for now, the black and white Go pieces and the flowing images in the lore trailer give us a clue as to some of the inspiration behind her weapon’s appearance and some of what we can expect. Her weapon is a flame/physical weapon, specializing in flame damage. You get much of this in the trailer, but Ji Yu can charge her weapon to use an Armor Dissolve on a target for increased damage, both flame and physical.

From the trailer, we can see that she is analytical, and sees the battlefield, or a Go board, as a full place to plot those strategies. In the official description, it says

“ When in a predicament, one must change; after the change, there will be a breakthrough; and after that, endurance will flow along. Only those who can see the true path can achieve consistent victory.”

Ji Yu references other characters we’ve seen before, like Nan Yin, and the trailer features a late appearance from Yu Lan, who Master Yu befriended. Their stories continue to coincide, with Ji Yu leaving the apologetic Yu Lan with a special token.

Celestial Destiny is coming to Tower of Fantasy on April 30th.


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