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Tower of Fantasy Previews Lin, the Next Simulacrum Coming on November 22nd

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Tower of Fantasy has announced the release date for its next character, Lin, and a new event begins.

Lin, the next simulacrum to be released, will be added on November 22nd. There’s a new character trailer introducing us to Lin, who is Ruby’s guardian and Archon of Mirroria. She’s described as dutiful, which we can tell from her trailer, and determined to clean up the city. We get a glimpse at some of what to expect from combat, with her wielding her weapon, leaping up into the air in the usual ToF fast action combat. Appearing as a giant fan, that weapon, known as Shadoweave, is not to be underestimated, as the trailer shows her dealing damage and holding her own. 

With her release date so close, we can surely expect more on Lin in the coming days. 

What we do know is that there’s a new event that just started. Called Childlike Innocence, this new event is live and will end on November 22nd. In order to get started and earn your way into some new shinies, you'll get bubbles from completing certain tasks like bounty missions, Void Rift, raids, and things like opening World Boss chests. 

There will be a cap on how many bubbles you can earn, but it will go up by 500 each day, gating some of the rewards a little longer for a bit. There’s a max of 2,000 for the whole event.

A number of activities that you might already be taking on regularly will now award these bubbles, which work as a currency. You can exchange them for rewards in the event store while it lasts. One of the event rewards is a voice pack that you can use after claiming it from your mailbox.

For more on the event, head over to Tower of Fantasy.


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