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Tower of Fantasy Previews Everything Coming in the Under the Grand Sea Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Under the Grand Sea update is nearly here for Tower of Fantasy. The team is previewing the big update that will initiate version 2.4 and expand the game even further, down into the sea.

This expansion to the content is looking pretty massive. We previewed the content coming in 2.4 last week, but now there's an official blog to take you through all of the additions and more. The Grand Sea map has three parts to discover and explore. The Grand Sea Island, the city of Innars, and the Dragon Breath Volcano. In a recent video, we got to see snippets of the undersea environments,  creatures you'll find deep under the sea, as well as the danger lurking from the volcano. All of those three sections feature different terrain, vegetation, and inhabitants.

Those creatures aren’t just passive while you swim around either. Get too close to an electric eel and you’ll feel the shock. Beware of sharks too. This environment will also be important for puzzles. As part of the underwater experience, you may try petting some of the sea creatures and fish will swim away, and if you get to catch them, you may get some rewards. Other examples also show how the creatures may be key to solving puzzles, finding solutions, and more rewards.

The futuristic, techy city of Innars is going to be the main hub in this whole adventure. The Dragon Breath volcano will represent tons of danger.

Upcoming features in the update include new simulacrum, Lan, and  three new underwater specific vehicles. You’ll be able to wander around and swim your way to get where you need to go, you can use undercurrents to travel faster, with a movement speed boost. 

For those looking for challenges, the new instance, Ring of Oblivion, is coming. This eight-player instance features a tricky mechanic that means debuffs will strike you periodically and you’ll have to rely on a good team and help each other remove those debuffs in order to successfully beat the boss, Abyssant: Eva.

There will be two new world bosses to take on. Abyssant: Scylla can switch up its stats,meaning that you’ll have to have a capable team that knows how to counter its different forms. Abyssant: Haboela is found in the center of the volcano. Fittingly, the bus will absorb heat waves from the volcano and charge itself up. so you'll have to be fast with your Elemental attacks. 

This looks like a packed update, and looks like it will give Tower of Fantasy fans lots to do and explore.

Read the full details over at Tower of Fantasy.


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