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Tower of Fantasy Previews 2.3 Wandering Amidst Miasma, With New Instances, Story, and Mechanics

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Tower of Fantasy is detailing the next big update, 2.3, Wandering Amid Miasma. The update will be live on Thursday, February 2nd, with a new map, new simulacrum, Alyss, along with new places to explore, new mechanics, and Chapter 9 of the main story.

Alyss is the new simulacrum, and she’s called an “elegant dancer on the ice”. Her weapon, Unyielding Wing, is frost-based, and with her figure-skating inspired moves, is a fittingly bladed weapon capable of taking down her enemies with swift precision. Alyss also gets a new showcase, along with a preview of her simulacrum mission, that will let you get to know a little bit more of what to expect when she’s available.

Chapter 9 of the main story will see you explore the swamp in the new story mission. The Miasmic Swamp is just as described, shrouded in mystery, and with some new discoveries to be made and dangers too. A system of purification to help you traverse the swamp area will involve using purification machines and the new Revelation Seed to start a chain of activities that involve hatching powerful creatures to defeat and get more seeds for your safe passage.

This swamp and the lush green areas elsewhere on the new map are a real departure from mirrored neon city and dry, open desert. The new map opens a few new possibilities and adds new mechanics to Tower of Fantasy.

There are puzzles to figure out in the rainforest and swamp areas, including ones having to do with colorful mushrooms you’ll find. Interact with the different colored mushrooms to solve puzzles. This isn’t the only puzzle type you’ll find either, as there are triggers in the ground at some points that you’ll have to figure out how to start up.

Several new instances are coming too. The first, Origin of War, is a four-person tower mode challenge with 25 levels. Season 1 will run from February 2-April 1st. Carnival Party is another new instance where you battle with the Noise Band in a rhythm challenge for rewards. Pursuit of Fate is a battle while driving joint operation instance. 

Read the full details over at Tower of Fantasy.


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