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Tower of Fantasy Preload Info Out, Studio Shows Off Character Customization and Multiplayer

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy is ramping up with reveals and preparation in advance of next week’s launch, and now there are details on pre-load, as well as previews of character customization and more on multiplayer in the “shared open-world MMORPG”.

First up is the “creative gameplay” trailer, which is  all about customization, from hair colors to outfits and more. Later, there are some peeks at some of the vehicles and mounts that you can have access to for getting around the world of Aida. These look to range from big motorcycles of several different model types, jetpacks, some kind of mecha, and a vehicle called Wheeler Dust, which resembles a single-rider large jet-powered wheel rolling down the road.

This video is less than a minute long, but also gives brief peeks at some minigames and other parts of the setting, like an amusement park. Tower of Fantasy is sci-fi fantasy, and these previews show off more of just that.

A second video, showing off what  shared open-world means, looks at teaming up, heading to goals together, flying through that amusement park and snapping some pictures of your team’s adventure. 

With a number of successful anime-inspired cross-platform games out there, Tower of Fantasy has garnered a lot of attention, including enough pre-registrations to fly past a 30 million player goal, unlocking a number of rewards to let everyone get off to a good start. 

The game is already out and successful in China, and once August 10th rolls around, we’ll see if Hotta Studio’s game will match in the rest of the world. There’s a definite emphasis on playing together, from exploration to teaming up to fight bosses, but also lets the game try to distinguish itself from the rest on the market. It will get the chance to do with that after next week’s launch, and anyone interested will be able to begin pre-loading the game on August 9th. 

For more, you can visit Tower of Fantasy’s special minisite.


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