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Tower of Fantasy Outlines Plans to Reduce Exploits and Improve Security, and Updates on Server Transfers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Tower of Fantasy team opened up the Pass phase 3 event, and updated the community on several current issues, including account security and news on server transfers. 

From now through December 14th, Pass phase 3 is open, and those logging in can earn activity points each week, increasing the merit levels on their passes. Doing this will continue to unlock rewards once certain levels are reached. this applies to the free and premium passes, but the Collector’s Edition (premium) pass, you’ll get the rewards unlocked instantly, plus extra rewards like cosmetics and a red nucleus, plus a 30 merit level boost.

When it comes to account security, the team recently had two emergency downtime periods for maintenance, without reporting too much about why the game was down. Now, in this latest letter to the community, it's been revealed that they did this in order to fight hacking and account threats. 

“We didn’t want to amplify the issue or alert any hackers that were unaware of the situation and take advantage of the situation prior to a fix being rolled out, “ the letter says, noting that this is common practice with security moves like this, to avoid others taking advantage and to prevent those exploiting from knowing what’s coming.

Through this, the team acknowledges that they have to optimize reviewing code and updates before their live in order to catch potential exploits before they are released into the live code. They've identified a three-step optimization and audit plan going forward and are continuing to ask the community to report any instances or abnormalities that they notice.

When it comes to server transfers, there is an update on this as well, and it's tied to the account safety matter. There's no date for server transfers yet, but the team announced  that they plan to reveal details of server transfer plans  in the second half of this month.

Read the full letter and all details on their security plans over at Tower of Fantasy. 


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