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Tower of Fantasy Mirafleur Moonshade Update To Expand Mirroria, Adding Activities and More This Month

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Tower of Fantasy is closing out 2022 with its next big update, Mirafleur Moonshade. The update will be out on December 22nd and expand Mirroria, add the new simulacrum Tian Lang, open up new activities, and more.

The update comes accompanied by splash art of the new area, under the title “Party Up, Cyber Town!” , so this should give you an idea, along with the bits of art that you can make out as far as features go.

The newest simulacrum, Tian Lang, got a new character trailer, and details on his backstory. He loves and studies plants and is known as the strongest Executor in District 7. His signature weapon is a spear called Thunderbreaker, which he can wield thanks to special armored gloves that he wears. Much of what Tian Lang all about is still shrouded in mystery, though, since he’s supposed to be called upon when Mirroria is in danger enough to need him.

Mirafleur Moonshade is going to continue broadening and expanding Mirroria, from its new areas to explore, to new activities to enjoy. With this update, there will be a new map, including access to new areas and minigames. The entertainment center will be where you can go if you want to go bowling, to a concert at Livehouse, or to compete in races. According to info shared by the Tower of Fantasy team on Twitter, it seems there may be a rollercoaster and ferris wheel in the mix.

There will be new modes available to unlock at level 80 with the update, with The Critical Abyss offering 8v8 battles, and  another mode, Void Abyss. Expect new gear and materials as well, if you’re up for the challenge.

While we wait for December 22nd, the team has announced that there will be holiday decor coming to Aida, dark crystal gifts are coming, and Nemesis will be reissued on December 15th.

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